Monday, August 31, 2015

Pacific Blues Art Quilt #1 basting added for embroidery and beading lines....

I've got the basting added for Pacific Blues #1 now I'll begin stitching in the embroidery and sewing down the beads. The lines are swirling to suggest movement and waves.

And if you haven't been to Sharon B's Pintangle lately, visit to congratulate her as she's signed a book contract with C&T publishers to get her book on Crazy Quilting published. C&T has published a lot of interesting titles. Sharon has so much inspiration and is a good teacher, that book will be an excellent resource for sure! Congratulations Sharon!

Happy Monday, stop to enjoy something beautiful and pass it on.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Quilting with Running Stitch and embroidery thread, dreaming of purple.........

I'm quilting this in running stitch with colorful embroidery thread.

Close-up of my Citrus Rose quilt, my design.

 I've been finishing up my quilt, Citrus Rose, using running stitch and embroidery thread. I love the look, lots of texture. 
I also pulled out some log cabin blocks I started a while ago because I knew they needed purple added, I had a vision. I dream about color, do you? Purple was calling to me, the perfect contrast to orange, so much contrast they actually end up complimenting each other. Kind of like opposite personalities in people. There can be a lot of sparks with opposites but wow, they bring out the beauty in each other so wonderfully. 
This is my Tuesday progress, dreaming of purple............
P.S. Don't miss the great book giveaway at The Root Connection . Cultural Fusion is a must have!

Log Cabin blocks, purple + orange = love.

Fabulous purple batik...

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Churn Dash Blocks Wonky Style

This week I've been sewing Churn Dash blocks together. I'm working through Gwen Marston's book Liberated Quilt Making II because I like the intuitive wonky style; more organic and creative.
So far I've made up Star, Shoo fly and now the Churn Dash blocks.
After I work through Gwen's book I'm going on to Sajata Shah's book, Cultural Fushion . She does amazing things with color and design, her quilts have an interesting graphic look to them. 
Keeping the inspiration alive!!
Where do you find inspiration?

Friday, August 14, 2015

Pacific Blues art quilt #2 progress Happy Monday!!

Pacific Blues #2, more beading added...

 Close up, beading, button, running and fly stitch.

Last few days I've been adding embroidery to a few of my current projects. I like to keep several things going at the same time, it keeps inspiration flowing. It's a balancing act to keep working through a piece to the finish and holding on to vision for new projects. All the while not loosing your  'voice' or style. That's why art is so great, the artist's particular unique interpretation and statement  of life comes out. That's the 'wow' moment, when you connect to that 'voice' when you see what they are trying to say with their art.
Happy Monday, remember to stop and enjoy something beautiful!

Friday, August 7, 2015

New Quilt, with Wash and Dry crinkle effect...

Santa Clara #3, after wash and dry.......

Santa Clara art quilt #3 after wash and dry. That crinkly look adds great texture. It's the result of close machine quilting and the cotton batting in the quilt. I enjoy the organic look of the batik fabric I used in this quilt too.
Happy Friday! Contentment is a choice, happiness an art.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Santa Clara 3 hand embroiderey finished, binding on...

Santa Clara art quilt #3 in series finished.

The binding is on and hand embroidery finished on my Santa Clara #3. I finished it over the weekend. All that's left is to wash and dry it for that crinkly look I love. It measures 39" x 22". 
I also had time to put together a small art sampler 5" x 3". It's made on card stock with scraps of art paper and fabric and vintage crochet lace. I watch Karen Ruane put together her gorgeous little art sampler books and thought that I would benefit putting together some of my own.
Happy Monday and enjoy something beautiful today!