Saturday, September 24, 2016

Big Stitch Hand Quilting, Farmer's Market, Quilt Shop....

Zinnias at Peter's Farm, loads of color!

Chrysanthemums Wow.

Mini pumpkins, Indian corn, fall has arrived here.

Pine Tree Quilt Shop, Salem, New Hampshire, great fabric selection.

My liberated four patch with log cabin surround, hand quilting work in progress.

Hello, from the East coast!!

In between sight seeing, visiting local farmer's markets and going to parks with our grand daughters, I manage some time to get hand quilting done on my 'four patch log cabin surround'. I've found a quilt shop in town, Pine Tree Quilt Shop, very friendly and good atmosphere. That makes being away from home much easier.

I must get going, things are hopping around here and I'm needed.
Keep stitching and sharing, I appreciate being able to check in on all of you and seeing what you're up to, thanks!!

Happy Weekend!!!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Butterfly Applique Quilt, Princess Rings in New Hampshire........

Butterfly applique quilt

Romano's pizza is loved by many.

Dunkin' Donuts big on the east coast.

Princess ring.

The  younger Princess.

Butterfly fabric I bought in Redondo Beach, CA at Nina's Quilt shop.

I'm in New Hampshire helping with the soon arrival of grand baby. Supervising two little princesses.
The butterfly applique quilt was made by my mother-in-law about 15 yr.s ago and now resides in my daughter's house in N.H. where I am now. She put a lot of work into that quilt.

Investigating the town, Salem, NH, is fun. It feels a little mossy here, I imagine hobbits would be at home here. I was told that Dunkin' Donuts is said by the locals to make the best coffee. Sorry, StarBucks has them beat.

I'm pondering the gorgeous butterfly fabric I bought at Nina's Quilt shop in Redondo. I might have to 
make a kaleidoscope quilt with it. It's the planning, dreaming stage.

The princesses are calling.
Hope your weekend is full of relaxing dreams!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Antique Sewing Machine Display, Meadow Storm, New Fabric Line....

Display of antique/vintage sewing machines outside All Saints.
The Getty Villa in Malibu, CA.
Display in the Getty Villa.

The Roman Villa look.

They make the best fish and chips here.

Driving Hwy 1, we stopped at the Getty Villa, a museum made to look like a Roman villa showing Roman artifacts.
Stopped in Santa Monica to walk the Promenade and window shop. All Saints clothing store has a unique display of antique sewing machines along their outside walls. I stayed there too long looking at the old Singers, Whites, etc. Thrilling, because I'm fascinated by old sewing machines. 

I plan on visiting this local quilt shop, Nina's Quilt Barn,
Redondo, CA, not too far away. Always great to see what the locals are up to in the quilting world.

Victoria Findlay Wolfe Quilts has a new exciting line of fabric just out; Meadow Storm, it's a must see! She's always busy designing, teaching and promoting quilting, Yey, Victoria!

Happy Tuesday!!
I hope you enjoy your day.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Crazyvictoriana in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA...Hello Sunshine

We drove our Durango; rest stop along I-5.
Pistachio orchards along I-5.
Santa Monica exit coming up...
This is where we'll be staying in RPV.

Looking out to the Pacific Ocean, RPV.

Rancho Palos Verdes cliffs, beach.

Happy Holiday or what?

We are here! The drive went well. I don't have much time to write now.
I'll post photos of Santa Monica; shopping, and Malibu; eating fish and chips, in a couple days.

Happy weekend to everyone!!

Keep quilting and stitching!!!