Monday, November 6, 2017

Free Style Quilted Pincushions, Kaffe Facett Neutrals Auditioning, some snow.

It snowed a little, Saturday and Sunday.

Today the sun is out full force.

Looking over a new charm pack of Kaffe neutrals, making plans.

And I'm sewing up more pincushions and needle books from my free motion practice piece. 

Slowly cutting fabric for more butterflies.

Happy Monday from the Pacific NW!
Where we are staying with family in Renton WA. sightseeing and helping out.
It snowed here, Saturday and Sunday. Today the sun is out making up for lost time but it's still cold.

I got my new Kaffe Facett charm pack of neutrals in the mail Friday, now I'm planning and auditioning them. I might use some of them in my butterfly blocks.

Today I'm working on pincushions and needle cases that I'm making from quilted fabric that I had practiced free style machine quilting on. I was going to throw it away but I realized that the quilted fabric was a treasure with the texture and fun stitching all over it. So it will be made into sewing accouterments; known to some as 'toolies'; pincushions, needle books, pouches etc. I think they'll make nice gifts.

That's news from the shire where we are staying warm and enjoying the sunshine today.
Remembering to be thankful.
Have a good week, I'll be by to visit.