Friday, May 1, 2020

Hand Quilting, Wild Dogwood Blooming, American River South Fork

Big color blocks will be quilted with an X.

I finished hand quilting the four patch border!

The corner and side triangles are all quilted.

Wild Dogwood was blooming all along east 50 past Placerville.

The South Fork of the American River was high with spring runoff.

'Megalithic' stone along the river.

Hello from Northern California where the wild Dogwood is in bloom!
Last week we did a little sightseeing out to the South Fork of the American River.
The mountain air was invigorating.

And progress has been made hand quilting my Bright Sampler, approx 84" x 74".
I finished quilting the fourpatch border, it was a bear, just tedious.

And that quilt friends is the news from along the river.
Where I'm remembering to be thankful because it sure beats being grumpy.
I hope you're all well and that you've made progress on your projects.

I'll be by to visit!