Thursday, October 22, 2020

Quilt News, Pumpkin Patch Visit, New Patchwork Hand Quilting and Binding, Quilted Zipper Bag Finish

Pumpkin Patch visit!

My newest Zipper Bag, pieced using scraps and machine quilted.

Summer 2, 16" x 15", pieced from Summer 1 left over scraps.

Hand quilting started and hand sewing the binding down.

Bottom view of my new zipper pouch.

Pumpkin Patch train ride.

Zipper Bag opened up, it's long enough to hold my scissors.

'Lady Bugs' in line for the train ride, adorable.


Quilt News from the valley! 

and yes, the photos are mixed up to spread the color around, and I still haven't figured out how to rearrange them without loosing them. Where do they go anyway?

We visited the local pumpkin patch, enjoying the scenery, we didn't stay too long, it still gets warm here in the afternoon.

This week I used up scraps piecing fabric together for a zipper bag to hold sewing tools, it's much easier to keep everything in a bag. That's called organized I believe. I use MSQ Co.'s zipper pouch tutorial.

Then I used scraps from my Summer 1 small quilt, featuring the primary colors, to piece another small quilt, Summer 2. For Summer 2, I pieced half square triangles and made four Broken Dish blocks on the right side. I'm still reading through 'Free Range Triangle Quilts' by Gwen Marston and Cathy Jones, published by AQS. It's full of great inspiration!

And that quilt friends is the news, where progress is being made and I'm spending a lot of time playing with my grand daughter, very important!

I hope you're all enjoying the fall and family when you get you get a chance. The best things in life are free.
Remembering to be thankful!

I'll be by to visit!

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Quilt News, October Color Calendar Color of the Month Orange! Remembering Past Oranges And Progress in Green

October color of the month orange!

Summer apricots from a farmers market.

Wedding Ring in orange.

October 2016 butterfly of the month, orange!

There's a lot of orange in the border and center here.

My little grandson a couple of years ago in the pumpkin patch.

Piecing together parts for the AHIQ hourglass challenge.

Borders in orange.

More piecing in greens to go with the hourglass challenge.

Zinnias from the local farmers market, they didn't forget to bloom!

One of my published quilts with lots of orange!

One of my liberated Log Cabin quilts featuring orange with blue complimenting.

Auditioning parts, look at all that orange.

Another of my liberated Log Cabin quilts featuring orange!

Cross stitch alphabet I finished this week to be used in a Crazy Quilt project.

Look at all that glorious orange in the backing.

My small Flying Geese quilt in Orange!

Another border in an orange floral, I love that fabric.


Happy October 1st, and my color calendar color of the month is, yes, orange! I believe it's one of my favorite colors, I'm being careful with my words so as not to cause jealousy among the other colors.

I've mixed my photos in no particular order just so I liked them color wise. 

And today I went with my daughter in law to the local HomeGoods store and enjoyed the fall decor and the pumpkin spice candles, you can never have too many of those.
Fall has not forgotten to come and bless us with hope and cheer, of course to all those willing to partake, it's a free gift after all.

This week I've had time to piece and plan, working on several projects at the same time. As you can see I also looked back on some of my previous projects knowing I had used a lot of orange in them.

Also note I have added another book by Gwen Marston and Cathy Jones, Free Range Triangles, in my list of good, inspiring quilt books in the right column.

And that is the quilt news from the valley. Where pumpkins are appearing at the local farmers markets.
I hope you're enjoying the fall as I am and remembering to be thankful.

I'll be by to visit and I'll be looking for orange.