Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Crazy quilt style Strawberries N' Chocolate sewing kit finished!!

Sewing kit pocket and one of two felted wool needle keeps.

Back of sewing kit opened out, I cut it from a crazy quilt piece.

 I finished Strawberries N' Chocolate, #1 in a series, sewing kit. It is made of silks, taffeta and other fancy fabrics. It is embellished with hand embroidery, beads, Venice lace, trims, yo yos, and crushed velvet ties. It will soon be for sale in my etsy shop,
On my morning walks I go by some lovely citrus trees, like this lemon tree, wow, cheerful and full of vitamin C.
Make sure and enjoy something beautiful today!

Strawberries N' Chocolate sewing kit closed and tied.
I go by this lemon tree on my morning walk.