Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Orange Flying Geese and Hourglass Blocks, Log Cabin Blocks Sashed and Bordered, a Hand Quilting Finish.

Orange Flying Geese in framed medallion with Hourglass blocks in the border.

Here I've pieced sashing between rows of small liberated Log Cabin blocks.

Closer view of blocks.

And more...

Borders have been pieced on here, 29" x 19".

Blocks started with scraps from another of my liberated Log Cabin Quilts.

Slowly building up, in liberated fashion, Log Cabin blocks from scraps.
This my #2 Log Cabin quilt with Kona Cotton solid 'Wasabi' border, 32" x 32", hand quilting finished here.

Hello Quilt Friends!
It's sunny and warm here on the coast.

This last week or two I've been able to get a little of this and that done. I think breaking it up and working on blocks and projects here and there is the way to go, lessens the possibility of the dreaded burn out.

I finished my small orange quilt with challenge blocks of hourglass and flying geese and using the color orange, three in one! The Hourglass block for AHIQ, the Flying Geese chosen for Dawn's  24 SAL from a quilt book, pg. 24, and then using orange scraps for RSC color for February.

I'll pick a new block for Dawn's 24 SAL sometime this week. It is a good excuse to pick through  my quilt books and choose a new block. 

I finished hand quilting my #2 liberated Log Cabin quilt in neutrals. I used a lot of Kona Cotton "Wasabi' in that one, love the contrast.

From the scraps and left overs from my #1 and #2 liberated Log Cabin quilts I began slowly building small Log Cabin blocks for another project and that began several months ago. I added to them now and then keeping them in a baggie.
Well now I have them sashed and bordered, ready to be layered and quilted, #3 in a series of small liberated Log Cabin blocks. This one is sashed and bordered with neutral colors.

And that's the quilt news from the rancho, where projects are getting done, here and there, and I'm remembering to be thankful!

I'll be by to visit!

Friday, February 14, 2020

Quilt News SAL Challenge 24, Additions to Small Liberated Log Cabin Blocks, More Piecing Units and a Small Quilt Finish

Small Art Quilt finish, this started as a challenge, I needed more time and made my own schedule.

SAL 24 book I'm using for inspiration, pg. 24, Flying Geese.

....said page...

My Flying Geese, made with HSTs, because I had them in my parts department.

Spare parts from other blocks made into new units.

I've been working on this set of liberated Log Cabin blocks for some time now.

Close up view, next will come sashing and a border.

Hello from the Rancho and
Happy Valentines Day!
We have sun and cool temperatures. It's early spring here.

This week I finished a small art quilt started as a group challenge. I realized I was going to need more time to finish this project right. So I set my own time frame, slow! Setting my own schedule freed up the creative juices.
I forget the theme but it was something to do with couture sewing. I left the basting stitches in because I like it that way and used big stitch hand quilting.

Also I read in Julierose's blog about Dawn's SAL 24. Basically you pull out one of your quilt books you've been meaning to go through and using that, you choose either pg. 24 or 42 or 2 or 4 and using the chosen page, piece up 2 or 4 blocks from that page. This is a very relaxed SAL, no deadlines,
just the thing for me.
As you can see, the book I've chosen is 'Gwen and Freddy Collaborate Again' by Gwen Marston and Freddy Moran. It's a used library book, I bought it on Amazon for a good price.

And my small Liberated Log Cabin blocks are shaping up slow but sure. I keep them in a baggie and pull them out occasionally to add to them. They've been around for several months now. They are ready to have sashing sewed between the blocks and then between the rows. 
Slow and steady going.

That quilt friends is the news from the rancho, where I'm making progress unit by unit and I'm remembering to be thankful. 

I'll be by to visit!

Monday, February 10, 2020

Quilt News, The Creative Journey, Orange and Green Units, Hand Quilting Progress

Hand quilting progress on my Bright Modern Sampler Quilt.

Practice arranging units from my parts department, not ready for a commitment.

More orange units, I know there's yellow too, close enough for me.

Green string units were fun to piece, I used MSQC's tube method, as in their 'Walk in the Park' Quilt tutorial.

Hello from Rancho Palos Verdes!
Where we have sun after a few days of wind and showers.

And I'm making progress increasing my 'parts department.'
Gwen Marston, mother of liberated quilting, advocated keeping a parts department, which is a collection of units or pieced blocks to use in sampler type quilts or any style you choose, of course.
You can keep a collection of units by color or style (string blocks or baskets etc.).

I've added a few orange units, four more hour glass blocks and tested out orange and yellow flying geese and I like them so there will be more. 
Most of my time this week was spent adding to my green units. String blocks were on the list, improv or not? I decided to use MSQC's tube method as in their 'Walk in the Park' tutorial. I wanted a graphic, clean edge look. As you can see, not all the strings are 2.5" wide, I couldn't help shaking it up a little.

More hand quilting has been accomplished on my Bright Modern Quilt, whew!

That quilt friends is the news from the rancho, 
where progress is being made and I'm remembering to be thankful! 

I'm also very thankful for all you, my quilt friends, for tons of encouragement and inspiration along the creative journey.

I'll be by to visit.

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Pink for February and Orange for RSC Color of the Month, Torrance Beach Feeding Frenzy

Hour Glass blocks in orange for RSC February color challenge.

My color calendar color of the month, pink.
Feeding frenzy at Torrance Beach.

Seagulls and ravens cleaned up fast.

Happy February!
from the rancho where we have sun and warm temperatures.

This morning while we were enjoying the beach, someone dropped off treats for the seagulls and ravens on the sidewalk, a riot of feeding birds ensued. Everyone walked around them. The birds had the sidewalk cleaned up in a matter of minutes. It was quite a show. 

My color calendar color of the month for February is pink and the RSC color challenge for this month is orange. I think the two go together well so I decided to join in the RSC orange challenge for fun. Color is so worth it!

Julierose pieced together some tiny Hour Glass Blocks, the squares she started with were 2.5" I believe. Visit her blog to see them. And yes, they were in oranges.
I caught the bug and made some Hour Glass Blocks in orange but I started with 3.5" squares. My finished Hour Glass Blocks are 2 3/4".

And so quilt friends, the piecing and color fun continues here.
I'll be by to visit and share in your color adventures.