Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Unconventional 'Uneven Thirds' Improv Modern Quilt; Medallion Style, Binding, 'Origami' Quilt Magic

I started 'Uneven Thirds' with these center blocks, my design and colors.

Here the first border is sewn on, second borders, half square triangles, in process.

Binding is sewn to front and pinned to back, 22" x 24".

Back of 'Uneven Thirds', Kona cotton solids and a print.
Hand stitching the binding down with a Kona cotton solid red.
I started sewing the Cathedral Window rows together and I like the 3-D effect here.

Center points are tacked down, 3 rows of four squares or 4 rows of three!

A print square, is laid down and the solid sides are folded over and pinned, ready to be hand stitched down.

Hello from Rancho Palos Verdes!

Where we have clouds, wind and rain off and on.
The Pacific Ocean is stormy and grey.

This week I'm slowly getting back into gear. It was a good change to slow down and relax.

I got the binding for my "Uneven Thirds' small quilt sewed onto the front and I'm working on hand sewing the back down. I like the red binding, a thin line of red to bring the whole statement to a finish.
Sometimes I think about doing a fold over finish, it's kind of 'artsy', but I like that thin line of color to  
frame my quilt and define it.

I think 'Uneven Thirds' is very 'unconventional and unexpected' as in Sujata Shah's challenge to make an unconventional quilt in the style of the quilts found in Unconventional and Unexpected; American Quilts below the Radar, curated and authored by Roderick Kiracofe.

Then I made progress on my 'origami' Cathedral Window project. It does remind me of origami but with cloth. I enjoy the 3-D look of the squares and points and I'm in no hurry to finish because I like looking at it unfinished.

That's what's happening at the ranch where it's winter on the coast.
And I'm remembering to be thankful.  
I'll be by to visit.