Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Strawberries N' Chocolate 2nd in series & Tropical Punch Art Quilt...

Strawberries N' Chocolate, #2 in a series, sewing kit.

Opened out, with wine colored crushed velvet ties.

Pocket, storage

After putting finishing details on Strawberries N' Chocolate 2 sewing kit, I took final pictures. Working in series once in a while is a good way to practice technique and use up scraps.

Tropical Punch art quilt , another 2nd in a series, came in the mail yesterday from Art Quilting Studio after being published in the summer 2015 issue.They did a good job with the photos. I'm sewing a hanging sleeve on it today.
Another tropical themed quilt, Mimosa #3, is on the runway.
Busy in the workroom!

Tropical Punch art quilt