Monday, June 15, 2015

New Art Quilt,#1'Pacific Blues' in my new series using 'broken bars', and a doll quilt....

Doll quilt, machine quilted with hand stitching embellishment.

'Pacific Blues' #1

The small quilt to the left is my first in a series, 'Pacific Blues' .
I'm using a basic 'broken bars' block with batiks and muslin. I have yet to sew down the binding on the back, I'll get to it.  It measures 11 x 11". With this series I plan to explore the many 'moods' of the Pacific Ocean off the west coast using mostly blues. It's good to work in a series as a color study and to get faster and more efficient  with construction.

The small quilt above with pink binding is a doll quilt, 12 x 15". It's for my grand daughter who just turned three. I machine quilted it and added running stitch for embellishment. She loves to wrap and snuggle her dollies.

Happy Monday, remember to leave the world more beautiful than you found it!

Back view, I'll get the binding hand stitched down next.