Friday, April 20, 2018

Color Inspiration Everywhere, AHIQ, Debbie Jeske's Improv Quilt, Color Wow!

Photo of moss in rain, color inspiration for my 'Uptown' quilt.
A color/design influence on "Uptown'.

'Uptown' also inspired by a Tonye Belinda Phillips' pattern, 28" x 28".

'Attract' quilt top 30" x 38".

Close up, Kona solids, navy blue, purple, yellows, oranges, pink etc.

'Attract', my improv design with final borders, started last summer.

Mt. Rainier, a definite color inspiration in the Seattle area.

The snow last Christmas 2017, an influence of grey and white.

Fall pumpkins, look at that orange and the colors that go along with it!
'Open wide pouch', pattern by Anna Graham. I finished it today, 7" x 10".
Better lighting. The fabric is machine quilted and pieced by me.

Hello! From Renton, Washington highlands where we are have sun and warmer temperatures.
Time for hiking!

This week I've been thinking about color inspiration and about what has influenced my color choices in some of my improv quilts. I started going through photos of last summer, fall and winter and it's easy for me to see where my ideas have come from. 

I finished my 7" x 10" 'Open wide zippered pouch', free tutorial by Anna Graham, see link above.
I used my left over machine quilted fabric practice pieces. The machine quilted fabric was a little bulky to work with and didn't need lining. And it makes up cute pouches for storage.

If you want some 'wow' in your day, stop by Debbie Jeske's blog to see her amazing new improv quilt, 'All In'. She's got both great design and color in that one. And she's used some exciting Kona solids, always a good choice. She'll be teaching a class for her improv techniques with her new quilt.
I've taken one of her improv classes at Gossipiun Quilt Shop, last summer, it was excellent.

I'm linking up with Kaja and Ann for AHIQ. Thanks Kaja and Ann for hosting. Stop by and share your improv work and see what others are doing, it's a great opportunity.

Have a good weekend, and I'll be by to visit!