Friday, April 26, 2019

Kona Cottons, New C&T Block Tool Reference, Hand Quilting and Getting Ruffled.

My hand quilting projects, small and large.

Apron project gets ruffled.

New handy reference guide for block layouts and yardage, it was on sale.

Kona Cottons were also on sale, Citrus, Coral, Red, they were speaking to me.

Hello and Happy Friday from Rancho Palos Verdes!
Where we have high clouds, a little wind and it's cool today.

I'm making progress on my hand quilting projects and being careful not to let the tension get too tight. The idea of course, is not to let the stitching gather the quilt fabric.

The apron I'm working on for my DDIL, is getting ruffled along the lower edge and ruffles can be a little fiddly but I enjoy the challenge.

There was a good sale on at JoAnn Fabric, I got a deal on the reference book, 'Quick & Easy Block Tool! by C&T Publishing. My blog friend, Cathy @ recommended Lady's Art Company Block Tool, as a reference guide. I haven't found that one for a good price yet.

And the Kona Cottons were on sale so I brought home Citrus, Coral, and Red yardage.
Just the colors to add warmth and contrast. 
What are your favorite 'signature' colors for contrast?

That's the news from the rancho.
Where I'm remembering to be thankful and keeping warm.

I'll be by to visit.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Quilt/Sewing News, Kona Cotton 'Splash', Bright Modern Sampler Hand Quilting Progress, And Happy Easter!

I've started sewing an apron for my DDIL.

Apron pocket detail here.

My afghan/blanket project is coming along, for another DDIL.

More hand quilting is getting done on my Bright Modern Sampler.

Here it is in 'flimsy' stage.
Happy Easter to you and your family!

Happy Almost Easter!

From Rancho Palos Verdes, where we have mild spring weather, sun and clouds.
How do you and your family celebrate Easter?

This last week I worked on a sewing project/apron, and more crochet on my Afghan project, both are for DDILs.

And hand quilting progress has been made on my Bright Modern Sampler. I stretch it out on my bed during the day so I can enjoy looking at it, it's bright and cheerful after all, might as well appreciate it during the process.

Have you seen Robert Kaufman's new Kona Cotton color of the year? It's a turquoise they're calling 'Splash!'
I do love a good turquoise and a lot of my current projects have turquoise in them.

That's the news from the rancho,
 where I'm remembering to be thankful and spring is in the air.

I'll be by to visit.

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Quilt News, Improv Block Inspiration Remembered, with a Touch of Butterflies

My Improv Strip Block that inspired my Cream and Coral runner design. 

My improv blocks inspired by an 'Improv Piecing' class I took by Debbie Jeske.

I'm hand quilting my Cream and Coral runner, inspired by my improv strip block. 

Final border sewn onto HST Barn Raising Medallion with borders.

Beach level, coast off Rancho Palos Verdes, looking north.
We hiked down to that beach on public land north side of the Trump National Golf Course.

2019 April calendar butterflies!

Hello from Rancho Palos Verdes!

Where we have sun and clouds with a touch of butterflies.
Painted Ladies are still flying around fast, no lounging around for them.
and Cloudless Sulpher  butterflies can be seen here and there, they don't stay still for photos either.

And Happy April, I've posted my calendar butterflies.

I'm hand quilting my Cream and Coral runner. I finally remembered where I got inspiration to piece it and found a photo of my improv strip block started in the class I took from Debbie Jeske , 'Improv Piecing' held in the Gossipium Quilt Shop in Issaquah, Washington. It was a great class and Debbie is still full of good ideas, visit her blog to see.

The final border has been sewn onto my HST Barn Raising Medallion, a finished top now.

And then we hiked down to the beach last week, sand and waves, sun and wind.
There were wild flowers, lizards and pelicans too.
We saw container ships, pleasure and fishing boats on the water.

That's the news from the rancho.
Where projects are getting finished and spring is in the air.
Pollen is in the air too, allergies anyone? 

Remembering to be thankful
 and I'll be by to visit.