Saturday, June 16, 2018

Quilt News!, On Point Blocks, More Piecing, Quilting Started

Trimming up half square triangles.

More trimming to size.

My sampler blocks on point, three more blocks to piece.

I started machine quilting my improv quilt started last summer.

Happy Father's Day!
What do you have planned, a bar-b-que or a quiet celebration with a walk in the park?
It's a beautiful time of the year isn't it?

I've been trimming, piecing and choosing color for the 'flying x block' for my traditional sampler quilt started last summer. I put up my design wall (flannel taped with painter's tape on the closet doors), and arranged the blocks on point. Three more blocks to go and some setting triangles, it's getting there.

And I started the machine quilting on my summer improv quilt. I began with the center 'medallion' blocks, slow and steady. I always pin like crazy when machine quilting to keep everything smooth and flat. Soon it'll be time to choose the binding. I use a 'skinny' binding on my small quilts, 1 1/4",
as a 2" binding is too bulky for something small. Dark or light binding? High or low contrast?

That's the news from the Renton, Washington highlands. There'll be relaxing and small celebrating here this weekend. I hope you've enjoyed your weekend so far.

We have a lot to be thankful for don't we?
I'll be by to visit.