Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tahoe Road Trip!

This is Stefie, my Jess Brown doll,  Jess Brown .She wanted to go for a road trip.

Here is Stefie in her travel bag ready for adventure.
 Mondays are good days for road trips. My husband thought Lake Tahoe would be a good destination, only a couple of hours away. So I asked Stefie what she thought, she was excited. So we packed up and away we went.
My husband drove, I road shotgun and Stefie took the back seat. The Great Western Migration reenactment was a surprise to see right on Hwy. 50, how amazing. Lake Tahoe was refreshing and beautiful, love the alpine air. Stefie napped in the back seat on the way home.

Here on Hwy. 50 we came across a historical reenactment,Great Western Migration

Wagons and beautiful horses and people dressed in period costumes everywhere.

We stopped for lunch at Driftwood Cafe, one of our fav. restaurants in S. Lake Tahoe.

Stefie is sitting on the table getting into the sugar!
Here we are at Dollar Pt. just north of Tahoe City, one of our fav. vantage points.