Saturday, August 4, 2018

Watermelon Colors, DMC Pearl Cotton #12 and Bird of Prey.

'City Streets" will be hand quilted with DMC pearl cotton in pearl grey #12.
I'm hand quilting my butterflies with DMC pearl cotton in ecru #12.

The back of my butterfly small quilt, don't you love the quilting making that crinkly effect?

Here are my four patch, on point blocks in watermelon colors. I'm playing with arrangement.

More possibilities in arrangement.
Neighborhood osprey, enjoying the evening.

Happy Weekend!
 From the Pacific NW where we have sunny skies and warm temperatures.

This week I've been hand quilting my small butterfly quilt with DMC #12. I like hand quilting with size 12 rather than size 8. Size eight is too thick and not as easy to thread or stitch with, in my opinion.
I ordered DMC pearl cotton #12 in pearl grey to quilt 'City Streets' with and it came in the mail last week. I'll start that soon.

And I pieced together more of my watermelon colors, four patch on point blocks. I'm using left over fabric from one of my other projects.
Use those scraps up!

We had an evening visit from Mr. Osprey who lives not too far from here. His/her nest is on high ground near the baseball field ( who would think of that?), probably to keep a good look out over the ponds and forest for potential meals.
He/she decided to spend some evening time in an old snag, just in back of the house. He announced his presence and then cleaned and arranged his feathers while keeping an eye out for rabbits. We enjoyed the visit, the rabbits were probably nervous and laid low. Then another announcement and off he flew.

That's the news from the shire, where progress is being made.
Hope you had a good week!
I'll be by to visit.