Friday, September 4, 2015

Running Stitch Quilting Blocks Pin Cushion Party Friday!

Hand quilting with running stitch.

Kathy's block x 3.

My two 'working horse' pincushions, I use these all the time.

I made the pincushion doll and the creamer pincushion.

I made this Log Cabin Pincushion from a left over block, I sewed on a buffalo nickel shank button.

I used a cute strawberry pattern and added embellishment.

Progress on 'Citrus Rose' quilt, I'm quilting it with running stitch in colorful embroidery thread, 3 strands. The more rows I stitch the more I like it.
I'm working through Liberated Quilts II by Gwen Marston. I'm on Kathy's block, by playing with color placement you can get some great effects. So far I've made three blocks.
Then there is a Pincushion Parade at My Sister Made Me Do It . I love pincushions and I do indulge in making them. You can't have too many and they are useful too! Stop on over to see some beautiful pincushions at Ida's.
Happy Friday!