Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Crazy Quilt style "Prairie" #3 almost done....

Beads added....

Roomy pocket here...

The "Prairie" #3 sewing kit is almost done! The pocket  can hold a lot of embroidery tools. I am waiting for more sun to take a good look at it to decide if I am done with the embellishing.
Almost ready to get listed in my Etsy shop .
I am going to start another series of sewing kits, "Strawberries and
Chocolate". I like the idea of having constraints on my projects,then I can focus on what I like best, embellishing.
For inspiration and encouragement with your projects visit, Sharon B's WIP .

Back opened out...You can see the crushed velvet ties here.

Close-up of beads added around silk yo-yo.