Friday, March 27, 2015

'Abalone Cove Tidepool' New Art Quilt finished up.....

Close-up experiment with my camera, kind of like a water color.

Close-up, I love the metallic embroidery thread.

While visiting my son and daughter-in-law in Rancho Palo Verdes we walked along Abalone Cove and looked at the amazing tide pools full of life. I got some good pic.s and was inspired to make up this little art quilt.
While taking pic.s of the quilt I experimented a bit and tried this and that and came up with the 'water color' shot. Wow!
Happy Friday, look for the wow
moments, they show up when you least expect them.

Hand embroidery finished on 'Abalone Cove Tide pool' art quilt.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Art Quilt embellishing with 'raggedy ribbon' from Flights of Fancy.

 New embellishment, 'Special Effects', from Flights of Fancy.

I'm adding hand embroidery and embellishment to one of my art quilts. I ordered the 'Special Effects' raggedy ribbon in Mango Punch from Flights of Fancy .They have some fun embellishments for the crazy quilt/ art quilt enthusiast. So today will be spent experimenting with raggedy ribbon, probably couching it, and enjoying the spring sun.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Crazy Quilt style Strawberries n' Chocolate sewing kit progress....

Art quilt, Raspberry Fizz... vintage MOP buttons...

Silk yo-yos tacked down.....

I made my new art quilt, Raspberry Fizz, using my version of broken bars for the blocks. I'm stitching the heck out of it now, as Jane LaFazio  would say. I just ordered a bunch of vintage mother of pearl buttons from,, they are great embellishments.
I've started work again on my sewing kit, Strawberries n' Chocolate, I had to get some other things finished. The silk yo-yos are fun and they'll soon have beads and glass pearls sewn on around them.
 Remember to enjoy spring, the birds are happy for sure!

Another view, sewn on crushed velvet ties, yo-yos tacked on...

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Embellishing Hearts, hand embroidery,, Rugby match @ UC Davis over the weekend

Embroidery and beads going on.

Close-up, hand embroidery

 My little hearts measure about 3 1/4" at the widest x 3" long. They are made of batik fabric and today I'm embellishing them with hand embroidery and beads. Very cheerful.
Last weekend we drove to UC Davis to watch my son's rugby match. They lost, but it's such a crazy, wild game, who cares? That's one game that goes fast and leaves you smiling no matter who won or lost.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day, get your green on or out....

Spring wall quilt, my hand embroidery with silks and gathered lace.

St. Patrick's Day card my mom sent me last year, too cute not to save.

St. Patrick's day is almost here. I had to get my spring things out. The card my mom sent me last year is sitting on the table and my little wall quilt I made up a couple of years ago is on the wall.
Have a happy St. Patrick's Day, the luck o' the Irish be with you!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Quilting Arts Magazine, Feb. March 2015, Inspiration.....

Quilting Arts Magazine, Feb. March 2015 issue..

Article by Jane LaFazio,

 Jane LaFazio, a great teacher and amazing artist, was published in Quilting Arts, Feb. March 2015. Her article is about her quilt series, Poke Salad Annie. She writes about inspiration and her technique, so cool. One of my dreams is to be able to take one of her classes.
I also remembered my best quilting friend, Louise, and how she gave me this vintage treasure; Stitches with Variations, by Jacqueline Enthoven. That little handbook is the best reference book ever.
Friends are like that, they give because that is what is in their heart.

My best quilting friend ever gave me this vintage stitch handbook, a classic.
This handbook was published in 1976, by Sunset Designs.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

My Small Quilt, Tropical Punch, was accepted for publication, summer....

Close-up hand embroidery.

Another close-up, tropical batiks and hand embroidery.

Tropical Punch was accepted for publication by, Art Quilting Studio
it will be in the summer issue. I'm excited about that, good magazine, lots of ideas and inspiration.
Tropical Punch was designed and hand made by me.
So my love affair with batiks and color goes on. I have another quilt in the making, Raspberry Fizz.
I can't help naming them after tropical, Tiki, drinks. The drinks themselves can easily be made non-alcoholic by adding sparkling water instead of the 'stronger spirits.'
You have to admit in this cool spring weather memories of sitting by the pool in the heat of summer, sipping an iced cold beverage, is delightful.