Saturday, June 23, 2018

Whirlpool Blocks Finished, Quilting Sections, Officially Summer.

Whirlpool block #1 for my traditional sampler.

Whirlpool block #2, HSTs, ready to be pieced together here.

Pinned like crazy, another section ready for machine quilting.

Rail fence, sawtooth border 2017 summer challenge quilt. 

Happy summer and weekend! Summer officially started last Thursday, the 21st.
Long summer days and walks are relaxing. We walk past local ponds keeping track of the ducklings getting bigger and bigger. And the frogs are reproducing and threatening to take over the world until the big blue heron moved in for a while, and quieted them down.
A little drama.

This week I made HSTs using batiks. I trimmed and pressed them and they are both now sewn together with a thin border and a small setting block in each corner. They're for my traditional sampler. One more block to go. 
I'm roughly following Piecing the Past Quilts' pattern 'Times of Refreshing.'

Another wonderful online quilt shop with great ideas and patterns is Temecula Quilt Co.
They have a book coming out soon, Quirky Little Quilts by Sheryl Johnson, I think there'll be a lot of fun ideas inside.

Also I'm getting the machine quilting on my 2017 summer challenge quilt done. I'm working on quilting it section by section, slow going but quilting it with an all over pattern wasn't going to look right.

That's the news from the Pacific North West.
Hope you had a productive week and I'll be by to visit!