Friday, June 2, 2017

Running Stitch Fabrics quilt shop, Butterfly for June, More Adventures

Old town Kent, Washington historical mural.

Old Kent railroad station, the rails are still being used.

Another historical mural, old town Kent.

Old town Kent was first known as Titusville named for an old settler.

Running Stitch Fabrics is the 5th store front from the right.

Close-up of Running Stitch Fabrics shop, Kent WA.

Colorful fabrics and sample quilts inside Running Stitch Fabrics.

More sample quilts, fabrics and patterns inside the shop.

California Sister, butterfly for June.

Hello and happy June! from the cloudy and cool Pacific NW.
We're based in Renton, WA, for the time being, helping family with move in and grand baby, so fun!

I've managed some exploring trips to find local quilt and sewing shops. About 10 minutes south of here, in old town Kent, WA Running Stitch Fabrics
has a quilt shop with great fabrics and lots of classes to choose from. I'll be back to visit often.

Old town Kent, WA , south of Seattle, has some interesting history. One of the old settlers on arriving thought the area looked like his home town Kent, England and so the name Kent stuck. Logging and agriculture were the first big industries. My husband and I know this area well having grown up in and around here.

The California Sister butterfly is featured for June in my butterfly calendar.
Their host plant is the California Live Oak. Viewing them from the top their wings are dark brown to black with two orange spots on the tips. Looking from the under side you'll see the yellow spot and blue come out. They're common and not endangered.
I'm linking up with Cathy and Ann celebrating butterflies in Kaleidoscope of Butterflies .
Visit and join in!

I hope you have a great weekend, looking for butterflies and taking walks in the park.
It's the perfect time of year for that!
Soon I'll be set up so I can work on projects again. Until then I'm helping and exploring.

I'll be by to visit.