Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Walking on the Traditional Quilt Side, Piecing, Borders and Berries and Cauliflower

Pieced strips for a border.

First border sewn on in Kona cotton solid ice peach.

Another border sewn on in Kona cotton solid snow.

More piecing HSTs together.

On my walk, blackberries after a rain.

Oregon Grape leaves, gorgeous red and green.

Happy Tuesday!

from the Pacific NW where we're having thundershowers and rain off and on today.
It's blackberry season and the local farmer markets are loaded with produce.

I brought home a huge head of cauliflower and that lasted us several days. I lightly steam the cauliflower and then we dip it in blue cheese dressing or babaganoush.

This week I've been sewing on borders and piecing HSTs. I'm in the mood to get some quilt tops done. Slow but sure progress.

Stop in and visit Barbara Brackman's Material Culture blog. I enjoy the quilt history and stories she 
researches and writes about and the photos.  I think the traditional side of quilting is culturally fascinating.

And that's the news from the shire where it's rainy and misty and progress is being made.
Have a great week and remember to celebrate and visit local farmer markets.

I'll be by to visit.