Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Quilt News! Happy June, Log Cabin Blocks Final Column Pieced, Red and Blue Medallions Backing Finished, Teddy Sweater Finish, Cherries and What we See on our Walks

Close up of sweater I knitted for my Grandmuffin's teddy.

I plan on piecing a 3" border all around, it's now 42" x 54".

Final column is pieced onto my Santa Clara series 21 flimsy.

The backing for my Red and Blue Medallion quilt is pieced, now onto layering and pinning.

Teddy in his new sweater.

We walk down this path in the evening.

Cherries ripe on the tree outside our window, squirrels, robins and crows enjoy them.

Hello Quilt Friends!
It's almost summer and it's balmy around here!

Much business around here, hardly anytime to get away. But some progress has been made.

The backing for my Red and Blue Medallion quilt is pieced, another step checked off.
Layering and pinning next.

The teddy sweater is finished! My little grand muffin at first didn't like it on her teddy, the next day she warmed up to it.

Much action outside our window as the robins, crows and squirrels gorge on cherries.

And that is the quilt news from the valley, where it's warm and lots going on!

Visit Beth Shibley and watch her quilt tutorials on YouTube, excellent.

Remembering to be thankful. 

I'll be by to visit.