Friday, September 20, 2019

Color and Design Progress Geometric Modern style Quilt with Borders and Fall!

Arrangement decisions begin.

More units added to the mix.


Border candidates, yes, they're Kona Cotton solids!

Happy Friday!
Tomorrow is the first day of fall.

Quilt news this week; more arranging/design and color fun. 
I've been piecing units and cutting borders, etc. very busy. I'm working on several projects at the same time, for some reason I don't feel as pressured. I notice several of my blog quilt friends work the same way with good results.

If you're looking for inspiring color and process, I suggest visiting; Audrey, Donna , and Gwen Marston Quilts on Bing/Images. I like variety, it's the mix that makes an interesting recipe.

September weather on the coast has been fabulous. Coast breezes come up and clear the humidity, lovely.  
And that is the quilt news from the rancho where progress is being enjoyed and I'm getting into the fall mindset. The temperatures will start to cool down and then it's time to think of stews and roasted butternut squash. What's your favorite fall menus?  

I'll be by to visit.