Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Quilted Basket/Thread Catcher with free form quilting, Pumpkin Patch Visit.

Mt. Rainier over the pumpkin patch.

Corn Maze, there were rumors of a Sasquatch sighting in the maze.

My grandson having a good time.

Quilted basket/thread catcher close-up, free form quilted.

The basket is 4" high, a rectangle, 3" x 2 1/4".

Bottom view of my basket, my design.

Hello from Renton, WA!
where it is raining and the leaves are turning gold and red.
We are visiting relatives and friends here, helping and sightseeing.

Monday was the big trip to the local Pumpkin Patch hosted by the Carpinito Brother's Farms, , very exciting. It was sunny that day. There were acres of pumpkins and local produce and a corn maze a couple of acres big. No we didn't go through the corn maze to see the Sasquatch.
My grandson had a terrific time and got to choose his favorite pumpkin.

I had a little play time so I made up a 'Quilted Basket/Thread Catcher' ;free form quilted.
About a month ago I was experimenting with free motion quilting and I had put together several 'quilt sandwiches' to practice on. I quilted all over and back and forth on those practice pieces. I was going to toss them but I realized that would be a waste. Those pieces had some great stitching and texture on them.
So that's when I decided to use them to make up some thread catcher/baskets. I'm also going to use them in needle cases, pin cushions and scissor fobs. They will have some embroidery on them too.
Something different for fun!

I'm linking up with Linda  and Julie  for Sew Stitch Snap Share. Thanks for the opportunity to share, Linda and Julie! Stop in for inspiration.

That's what's happening in the shire, where we are remembering to be thankful.

I hope you're having a good week.
I'll be by to visit.