Thursday, June 30, 2016

Kaffe Fassett, Plum Jam, Two Finishes !!!!

Your welcome to coffee, Gorgonzola crackers and my home made plum jam.

Penny's Piece O' Cake quilt finished!

Lily's Piece O' Cake quilt finished!

What's Up Thursday!!!!

Come on over for coffee and my plum jam on Gorgonzola flavored crackers, yum. We'll talk and stitch and try not to get jam on our projects, how's that!

I've finished my two 'Piece O' Cake quilts, took me forever, but I've loved having them around because they're so bright and cheerful. Just like my two grand daughters. Soon they'll be in the mail.

Kaffe Fassett has an exhibition at San Jose Quilt Museum !
Some of his new quilts and some historical quilts are in the show, called 'Blanket Statements.' If you're in the area stop to see it. Kaffe has done so much for the fabric/design world with his wonderful way with color. I also bought his new book, Heritage Quilts . I believe it has all, maybe more, of his new quilts in the show.
I don't have time to get over to San Jose for the exhibition, so the book is the next best thing.

I'm linking up with, Fret Not Yourself, Sew Slowly AHIQ .
My two 'Piece O' Cakes' were improvised around the blocks.

Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend, Bar-B-Que anyone?!!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Doing Summer, Apricots, American River and Hand Stitching.....

Apricots from the local farmer's market!

Wild flowers along the American River, yes, there were butterflies.

American River off hwy 50 on the way to S. Lake Tahoe.

Finishing hand sewing binding on 2 quilts.

What's Up Thursday!!!

Summer's up around here. Trips to the local farmer's market. Love Apricot jam!!

Road trip to the river for wild flowers and butterflies.

Slow hand stitching binding on two quilts for my grand daughters. Two 'Piece O' Cake' quilts.

Come on over for Apricot Pie!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Craft Napa Art Retreat 2017, Quilt Binding, Embroidery Stitches....

Satin stitch and outline embroidery work on my kit.

Binding sewn on 'Piece of Cake for Penny' quilt.
This is what it will look like after binding hand stitched down on back.

What's Up Thursday!!!!

I sewed the binding onto the front of 'Penny's Piece of Cake' quilt and I'll be hand stitching that down on the back. Love, love turquoise!

Satin stitch has been finished on my embroidery kit project. Now I have outline stitch and french knots and lazy daisies to work.

Craft Napa 2017 is open for registration and I'm signed up! I'm taking one of Jane LaFazio's
classes, Monoprinted Art Quilts. I'm looking forward to that, big time. 
Lots of inspiration and beautiful surroundings.

We have a lot to be thankful for today. Make a difference; starts with a smile!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Art Quilt Finish, Laura Wasilowski's Free-stitched Embroideries Article...

'Quilting Arts' Magazine June/July 2016 has an article on free form stitching.

Free-stitched Embroideries by Laura Wasilowski, pg. 21 excellent!

My version of 'Jam Art' ,design by Maple Island Quilts.

What's Up Thursday!!!!

This week flew by!! A new grandson has been born, the first in our family! We're walking on clouds and very thankful.
I finished hand stitching the binding down to the back of my version of 'Jam Art'. I'll be calling it 'Tropical Jam'. I gave it a wash and a spin in the drier too. It will look good on a wall so I will add a hanging sleeve. The binding is thin in width on the front, as I don't like the bulky double fold binding  look, and don't use it on my quilts.

Quilting Arts Magazine, June/July 2016 has a great article on free-stitched embroideries by Laura Wasilowski. Her work is beautiful and clever. Stitching enthusiasts, this is a must see and read! 

It takes courage to walk in beauty, to be a voice for good.
Be courageous.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Butterfly for June, Log Cabin Flimsy Finish, Hand Quilting Finish!!

June 2016, Monarch butterfly...

Hand quilting finished on my 'Jam Art' quilt, binding sewn onto front.
Finished log cabin flimsy, 54" x 44", Yes!

Log cabin flimsy close-up.

 What's Up Thursday!!

It's the first of the month butterfly celebration! Monarch butterfly for June 2016. We get a lot of Monarchs through here, N. CA. I've seen a few but the big rush is yet to happen.
I'm linking up with Ann's Kaleidoscope of Butterflies .

I've finished hand quilting my small 'Jam Art' quilt and sewn the binding to the front and will soon get it hand sewn onto the back. I'm linking up with Slow Stitch Sundays @ Kathy's quilts.

My wonky log cabin flimsy is finally sewn together. That took a long time, over a year. I'd work on it, then put it away, then work a little more, etc. Getting the blocks set just right in their 'wonkiness' took a little deliberating.

I'm looking forward to enjoying the beautiful month of June, May went by way too fast I think.
With all the butterflys, flowers and birds this is a wonderful time of the year.

Happy Thursday, remember to get outside and soak up the color!