Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Piecing Units, Color Decisions, Quilt Finish, AHIQ # 28

Units and borders being interviewed to be added onto my art quilt.

Nice color for the table, 18" x 60".

We had a beautiful, white Christmas.

This is before the binding was sewn down, it's just pinned here.

Close up of Santa Clara runner, 18" x 60".

Hello! from snowy, icy, Renton, WA!
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.

I wanted to duck in for AHIQ # 28. I'm always happy to see all the projects and colors being shared 
in AHIQ hosted by Ann and Kaja. Do stop in and share and be inspired.

I've been piecing units to add to my improv challenge quilt, Attract. I started it over the summer.
In the photo the dark color is navy blue and the strip that looks dark blue is actually dark purple or violet. Some quilter's 'pull' fabric before starting a project. I don't work that way or using that terminology. When I'm looking for color inspiration I look outside of my fabric stash/sewing room.

I find inspiration in nature; the morning light in the forest, or over a pond. I look through good interior design publications such as Country Sampler BOHO Style, special issue 2017, or Romantic Homes, January 2018. I'm trained in interior design/art and I learned to guard and treasure sources of inspiration. Some fiber artists make up a cloth book filled with hand embroidery, lace bits, color samples from paper and cloth. Excellent source for keeping a record of favorite color combinations etc.
I usually choose just two main colors and then I choose two fabrics with those colors in them and from there I broaden my fabric choices always complementing the two original colors. So in a nut shell, that's my process in choosing the colors I work with.

Santa Clara quilt runner is finished and ready to brighten up the world.

Happy Holidays!
Remembering to be thankful here.
I'll be by to visit.