Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Kaleidoscope of Butterflies #19, 'Liberated' Butterfly Blocks, Fox Hollow Farm

Liberated Butterflies w border, 45" x 21", my design.

Close-up, four patches are 4" x 4".
We visited Fox Hollow Farm in Issaquah, WA.

Beautiful farm buildings at Fox Hollow Farm.

Pony rides anyone?

There was a little farmers market on site, notice the pea hen on the roof?

Cute bunny here.

There were carrots and lettuce if you wanted to feed the animals.

Sweet farm kitty playing in the farmer's market.

Chickens and pigs put on a good show for us.

                                                          Hello from sunny Pacific NW! 

                                               Time for Kaleidoscope of Butterflies again!
I'm linking up with Ann @ fretnotyourself and Cathy @ saneandcrazy, celebrating butterflies.

I've sewed a border on my 'liberated' butterflies, 45" x 21". The border fabric is by Tim Holtz . There's
some letters on the fabric and some 'distress' used as design elements. I'm thinking of naming it, 'Gathering.'

This week we visited Fox Hollow Family Farm in Issaquah, WA. It's located in a scenic area.
My grandson loved it and had an exciting time seeing all the farm animals up close. The farm animals were happy to be admired and put on a good show. It's well run and perfect for a family outing.

I hope you're having a great week, enjoying the summer.
Remember to stop by the local farmers market.
I'll be by to visit.