Monday, May 25, 2020

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Queen Anne's Lace


Lady Bug on fennel.

Figs forming.

Blackberry blossoms.

Wild Cherry.

Hiking Path along the American River.

Yellow Iris grows along the river bank.

Wild flower, Triple Lily.

My art quilt, 'Queen Anne's Lace' more embroidery added, couching lace down.

Another of my small art quilts with running stitch added, I'll wrap my embroidery threads in it.

Hello from beside the river!
Sun and warm/hot weather here.
Happy Memorial Day to you, remembering those who gave their lives and served, those who've gone on before us and remembering to be thankful.

Along the river walk there are wild flowers blooming and wild cherry and fig have their green fruit forming. 

This week I added more embroidery/couching to my 'Queen Anne's Lace' quilt. Yes, I changed the name, naming it for a wild flower made more sense to me.

And I finished my smaller art quilt (which has some similar fabric and color as my 'Queen Anne's Lace' quilt) by embellishing it with running stitch, leaving the starting and finishing knots exposed for effect. It is now a wrapping cloth meant to protect my embroidery thread. 

And be sure and visit Jill @ PieLadyQuilts to see her inspiring quilts, they are exciting and amazing, very improv, very liberated.

And that is the Quilt News from along side the American River, where projects are progressing!
What are you working on?

I'll be by to visit.