Saturday, August 19, 2017

Hand Sewing Binding Butterfly Quilt, Farmers Market Cucumbers

Hand sewing binding down on back.

Front close up, yes, the yellow and orange butterfly is my favorite.

'Gathering', 45" x 22", binding sewn on front.

Hedlin's Family Farm, La Conner, WA.

Happy Weekend from the Pacific Northwest.
The temperatures have been upper 70's, mostly sunny. 

We've been going to the lake, Lake Wilderness Park, about 15 minutes away,
located in Maple Valley, WA. We put our feet in the water, it's surprisingly warm, and my little grandson enjoys playing in the sand. It's great to watch the kids, big and small, splashing and swimming around.

I've been working on fiddly things this week; hand sewing binding onto a quilt back, arranging and composing an improv small quilt; two steps forward one back, etc. But progress is being made, slow but sure. My butterfly quilt, 'Gathering' is 45" x 22", and almost finished. It's spoken for and has a home already.

The farmers market photo I'm sharing here was taken in La Conner, WA over a month ago when strawberries were at their peak. I visited a local farmers market last week and found good sized cucumbers three for a dollar. You bet I bought some! Some were eaten fresh and the rest got pickled.

I hope you're taking time to enjoy the summer. 
( I know some of you live where it's winter but soon enough you'll be enjoying your summer!)
And remember to visit your local farmers market, there's good deals this time of year.

I'll be by to visit.