Friday, January 30, 2015

New Valentine's Day small quilt, Love in a Meadow.....

'Love in a Meadow'

Close-up, I hand stitched the batik heart, love it!

This little quilt is an experiment. I bought a small quilt from a friend. I embellished it with laces,ribbons, beads, hand embroidery, etc. Then I 'deconstructed' it, cut it up in squares with pinking shears. Then I shuffled the squares, coming up with two small quilts I liked, I sewed the squares together. This is one of two. Then I added more hand embroidery and the little batik heart. It seems to me to be about young love, a little unpredictable, thrilling, moments of beauty, confusing at times, sigh.
That's life!
Remember to enjoy the little lovely things in your day.