Monday, June 8, 2015

Art Quilt Experiment, Adding Texture with hand embroidery....

I sewed together 'strip' fabric with batiks and muslins.

I sliced the 'strip' fabric into thirds horizontally and vertically.

Cross stitch and running stitches added.

 I'm adding more hand embroidery to my new art quilt, the texture and color adds so much fun!
Over the weekend I sewed up a strip fabric piece and cut it into small blocks to be used in another art quilt experiment. I'm using some blue and green batik to start with. I plan on using the small blocks as the center square for a bigger log cabin block. I'm still working through, maybe I should say playing instead of working, Gwen Marston's book
Liberated Quiltmaking II. Her book is full of great design and color ideas.
I'm going to run a small tutorial on finishing an art quilt, either with binding or with the envelope, pillow case, method.
Also, I think it would be fun to begin 'defining' art quilt. What is an art quilt anyway?
Happy Monday!