Friday, May 5, 2017

'Woven Time' block Color Inspired by Bougainvillea Pink

'Woven Time' block #2 in Rest and Refreshing B.O.W. by Piecing the Past Quilts

The 'Little Sewing Machine That Could.'

Block #2 pieced together, 'Woven Time', beautiful pattern.

Bougainvillea closeup, pink and green, gorgeous.

Bougainvillea hedge I see on my walk.
Prickly Pear Cactus blooming now.

Matilija Poppy, California native, growing along the bluff.

Happy Friday from Rancho Palos Verdes!
Where it's overcast but the flowers are blooming and butterflies are fluttering around.

I had to share photos of some of the colors I see on my walks down to and along the Terranea Bluff.
The Bougainvillea is all over blooms. The jasmine blossoms, planted as landscape shrubs, smell heavenly, that's right no photo yet. Then the Matilija Poppies remind me of white skirts blowing around in the breeze. Breath taking for flower lovers.

My block #2 'Woven Time' in the B. O. W. quilt 'Rest and Refreshing' by Piecing the Past, link above, is finished. Obviously I'm not using Civil War reproduction fabrics. I just couldn't bring myself to it with so many tropical colors around me here. I've written down the color inspirations I'm using, some of the colors are avocado, lemon, lime, mango, bougainvillea pink etc. The traditional piecing is a fun challenge. And the 'little sewing machine' runs like a champ.

I'm linking up with Julie and Linda, Sew Stitch Snap Share.
Lot's of great projects are being shared, check it out for inspiration.

Enjoy your weekend and I'll be by to visit!