Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Orange Flying Geese and Hourglass Blocks, Log Cabin Blocks Sashed and Bordered, a Hand Quilting Finish.

Orange Flying Geese in framed medallion with Hourglass blocks in the border.

Here I've pieced sashing between rows of small liberated Log Cabin blocks.

Closer view of blocks.

And more...

Borders have been pieced on here, 29" x 19".

Blocks started with scraps from another of my liberated Log Cabin Quilts.

Slowly building up, in liberated fashion, Log Cabin blocks from scraps.
This my #2 Log Cabin quilt with Kona Cotton solid 'Wasabi' border, 32" x 32", hand quilting finished here.

Hello Quilt Friends!
It's sunny and warm here on the coast.

This last week or two I've been able to get a little of this and that done. I think breaking it up and working on blocks and projects here and there is the way to go, lessens the possibility of the dreaded burn out.

I finished my small orange quilt with challenge blocks of hourglass and flying geese and using the color orange, three in one! The Hourglass block for AHIQ, the Flying Geese chosen for Dawn's  24 SAL from a quilt book, pg. 24, and then using orange scraps for RSC color for February.

I'll pick a new block for Dawn's 24 SAL sometime this week. It is a good excuse to pick through  my quilt books and choose a new block. 

I finished hand quilting my #2 liberated Log Cabin quilt in neutrals. I used a lot of Kona Cotton "Wasabi' in that one, love the contrast.

From the scraps and left overs from my #1 and #2 liberated Log Cabin quilts I began slowly building small Log Cabin blocks for another project and that began several months ago. I added to them now and then keeping them in a baggie.
Well now I have them sashed and bordered, ready to be layered and quilted, #3 in a series of small liberated Log Cabin blocks. This one is sashed and bordered with neutral colors.

And that's the quilt news from the rancho, where projects are getting done, here and there, and I'm remembering to be thankful!

I'll be by to visit!