Saturday, December 9, 2017

Santa & Reindeer Sighting, Ornaments Finished, Holiday Fun

'Grand muffins' visiting the Koi pond at the Carpinito Bros market.

One of Santa's reindeer making a quick visit before the big day. 

Moses the camel, supposedly descended from the first camels at the Nativity scene.

Santa and escort.

Littlest 'grand muffin.'

Fun with 'grand muffins.' 

Santa's helpers' cottage.

My Scottie doggy ornaments.

Hello from sunny and cold Renton, WA in the Pac NW.
Where we are busy enjoying holiday activities with son, daughter and their families.
We've been very busy.

We went to visit Santa and had to wait a few minutes while he was taking a break at a coffee shop. Break time over he jollied his way back to business to find out what the children wanted for Christmas.

Then we had to visit Carpinito Bros. produce market to see the 'nativity' camel and a couple of Santa's reindeer. Cookies have been made and eaten. Songs have been sung. We've colored with color crayons and made lots of art. I don't know if I can keep this pace up. But I'm smiling.

I hope you're enjoying the season, cold or warm.
Remembering to be thankful here.

I'll be by to visit.