Thursday, March 15, 2018

Stitch, Fabric & Thread by Elizabeth Healey, A Finish, Binding Progress on Two small Quilts

Getting the binding, in Moda's Grunge Dot red, ready for the final 'sew down.'

Mt. Rainier on a sunny afternoon from the Kent valley, last week.

My Violet Sampler, finished 2018, started in 2015.

It's been gently washed and pressed lightly from the backside.

Happy Thursday, from the Renton, Washington highlands. Where we've had frost at night and clear sunny days. And it's almost St. Patrick's Day, Happy St. Patrick's Day to you!

I've been slowly working at getting the binding pressed and pinned for the final 'sew down' on both baby quilts. Yes, I take time to press and pin, I like the results doing it that way. Some people, I know, don't pin or press binding as they're sewing it on. That's fine, everyone has their own go to method and reasoning.

I finished the Violet Sampler started in 2015. I ordered it from the French Needle, which specializes in beautiful counted cross stitch patterns from France. I'm happy about finishing and soon I'll ship it off to it's new home, DD's, on the East Coast.

Queenie , my blog friend and stitcher extraordinaire, recommended this book, Stitch, Fabric & Thread by Elizabeth Healey . I agree with her it's a beautiful inspiring book for all those curious about or enjoying all things having to do with stitching, a great buy.

That's the news from the shire, where the young deer and rabbits are making appearances on the edge of the wood. 
Have a great day and remember to share a smile.
I'll be by to visit.