Monday, October 12, 2015

Embellishing linen apron and Pumpkin Bars....

Last Friday I wanted to use up some linen fabric that had been hanging around too long. I decided to sew up an apron with it. Making a big adventure of it I went to the local Jo-Ann fabric store and chose a pattern. Using a pattern brings back fun memories of learning to sew in home-ec class.
Aside from the ties made of bias strips, a little fiddly, it went together fairly easy. I had to embellish it of course with a vintage lace edged hanky on the pocket and some cross stitch on the hanky and neck. Linen works great in the kitchen.

Yesterday, I baked some pumpkin bars, with my new apron on, the apron worked out fine and the pumpkin bars are delicious. Come on over for coffee. Happy Monday!