Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Running and Fly Stitch added to Art Quilt and Holiday Quilt

Winter Holiday Quilt, running stitches added.

Close up of Pacific Blues #1 and #2.

More Fly Stitches added to Pacific Blues #2.

I've added fly stitches to my art quilt Pacific Blues #2 in different colors with the changing seasons in mind. I keep P.B. #1 close at hand to compare and keep the theme flowing. Slow thoughtful work, no hurry here.
In looking ahead to the holidays, I've pulled out my small Winter Holidays quilt to finish it up with running stitches and a hanging sleeve, putting it up soon to decorate. I mostly finished it a couple of years ago, but it just didn't get done all the way,  needed embellishment of some sort. Now with some extra time and inspiration it will get done.
The Canadian Geese are back in town, so entertaining, delightful fall.