Friday, August 26, 2016

Sewing Room Down, House Packed, on to L.A. the Adventure begins

Sewing room packed up.

My Baby Lock and Pfaff, faithful work horses.

Happy Weekend!!!

It's been a long week here. The house is packed up, everything goes into storage and we're off to L.A. to visit family, then off to the New Hampshire, of all places!, to help with grand daughters and new grand baby. My head is spinning.

I hope when I'm in L.A. to be able to visit Christen Brown and take a class or two. OOps!! I was just looking online at Christen's local class schedule and I noticed that she is giving classes in San Diego, CA not, and I repeat, not in L.A.. So I probably won't be able to take her local classes, unless I fly to San Diego. Of course I could take one of her online courses easily, I'll check those out now.
She is, however still, the Embroidery Woman Extraordinaire.

I will keep posting because there is so much color out there to share and after all color is 'the thing.'

My Baby Lock and 32 yr. old Pfaff will go into storage, I will miss them. They're so capable and dependable, nothing fancy, but I like the challenge of using what I have, what I am, my view point, to make art and quilts. I was born an artist and trained in art and I look at my quilting through those eyes. I'm taking hand quilting and stitching projects along with me. Even though I might not have a lot of time for stitching at least it will be there to touch and look at.

Off to 'where no man has gone before!' That's a little dramatic, I know. Sorry.
I'll be looking for color to share and stopping in to see what you're all doing.
Because that's where the fun is!