Friday, April 9, 2021

Quilt News from the Valley, Color of the Month Peach, Liberated 'Summer in the Park' Blocks, Orange X Blocks Medallion Progress, Fabric.Com

Orange X Blocks framed with Saw Tooth borders and Stars, pieced together so far.
Color of the month, Peach Kona Cotton Solid by Robert Kaufman
I've pieced more basket blocks using turquoise batik.
My Liberated 'Summer in the Park' blocks progress. The darkest solid is Espresso, a deep, rich brown.

Hello Quilt Friends!
We've had cool, sunny weather this week, great for walks.

I chose Peach for my color of the month.
I've been using quite a bit of it in my projects lately it works great with orange florals and batiks, as in my Orange X blocks, and is a good contrast with the turquoise batik I've been piecing together into basket blocks.

My Liberated 'Summer in the Park' blocks are now pieced together, not sure how big they will end up yet.
I used Jenny Doan's 'Summer in the Park' tutorial, on You Tube, a very good tutorial. I didn't use 2 1/2" strips, in liberated fashion, I used varying widths. More can be done along that line for an even more liberated look.
P.S. MSQC has a new tutorial out 'Summer Squares' a slightly different version of 'Summer in the Park,'
The center strip is changed to 1 1/2", take a look.

Also want to add that Fabric.Com is a good online shop for buying quilt fabric; great prices and fast shipping. I'm not paid to say that, they have excellent service, plain and simple.

And that is the quilt news from the valley where progress is being made and the resident grand muffin is growing and getting even more curious.

Before I sign off, if you're in need of color inspiration visit Jean Wells, for her Dreaming in Color series on using vibrant color. She has wonderful insight.

How are your quilt adventures going? Any liberated experimenting/designing happening?