Saturday, January 6, 2018

January Butterfly, Finished Blocks, 'Tiger Lily' Kona Cotton Color of the Year !!

Finished butterfly blocks, each 5" x 5".
January 2018, Common Lime Butterfly.

Old town street view, Poulsbo, WA.

Viking mural, Poulsbo is very proud of its Viking heritage.

Famous, Sluys' Poulsbo Bakery.

'The Quilt Shoppe', Poulsbo Washington.

Maritime Museum and visitor center, Poulsbo, WA.

Happy January from the Pacific NW.
Where we had a wonderful time with family, and a white Christmas.

We took time to sightsee and visit a quilt shop over Christmas vacation.
Taking the ferry from Edmonds, we landed in Kingston and drove to Poulsbo, WA. 

There we had to stop at the famous Sluys Poulsbo Bakery. Where they make from scratch, in small batches, all their baked goods. It smelled like heaven inside! And yes, we did buy some goodies to take back with us.

I stopped into 'The Quilt Shoppe' and bought some new batiks. They had some cute 'viking' prints made for them by Michael Miller , and a good variety of batiks.

And calendar butterfly for January is the Lime/Lemon Butterfly.
Their favorite food is cultivated lime. They enjoy mud puddling.
They live in areas near the equator.

Robert Kaufman's Kona Cotton color of the year has been published and it is 'Tiger Lily' , a vibrant red/orange! Of course I'm very happy about that, orange is one of my favorite colors.
I use orange as an accent. It can't be beat for the pop it brings and the life it adds to the party.
Yes, I've ordered a jelly roll of Tiger Lily already.

That's the news from the shire. 
Where I'm thankful for all of you quilt, color and design aficionados!
I'll be by to visit.