Friday, July 17, 2015

Pacific Blues art quilt, Embroidery, Beading...

Pacific Blues #2, beads added, interviewing others.

Tropical theme #3, adding stitches.

 Last few days I've been beading and embroidering. It makes me feel tribal which is a relaxed sort of organic feeling. I know that word 'organic' gets over used, when I use it here I mean natural, as in occurring in nature. In the quilt world there is such a variety of styles as you all know. Everything from super formal, in which the critiques flash their magnifying glasses and rulers around. The poor quilts in this category have usually been machine quilted within an inch of their lives. Woe is the poor person who would try to get comfort and warmth from such a stiff, scratchy 'quilt'.
Then on the other side of the spectrum are the Gee's Bend type quilts. Made in a much more relaxed atmosphere with the quilter having an inner trust in her own ability to work with her hands using color and design as she likes. These are the quilts that are nurturing and comforting. Kind of like mothers. The best mothers are warm and nurturing, you would seldom find a good mother on the cover of a fashion mag. Not that she couldn't be there, but she doesn't want to be there. She has nothing to prove, she has an inner trust in her own ability and she's doing what she wants. A mother, a woman, like that is the most beautiful woman in the world.

I like the texture of hand stitching, more 'organic'.