Thursday, September 24, 2015

Improv piecing, Hand quilting in running stitch..

Citrus Rose #1, 42" x 36", Hand quilting in running stitch.
Back of Citrus Rose #1, hand quilting.

Citrus Rose #2, 32" x 20", pieced top.

 Yesterday I wanted to put together an art quilt so I challenged myself to 'limits for patchwork' as in Sherri Lynn Wood's book, The Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters, chapter 1 Quilt Scores. 
Deciding to limit myself to using left over blocks from my quilt Citrus Rose #1 and the left over scraps from that quilt, I began arranging and sewing. I used a 'wonky' log cabin style for the blocks and three borders. Borders give great definition to a quilt. I'm happy with the outcome of Citrus Rose #2. The idea of using a score, a basic frame work of some sort is challenging in a good way.

I've added more hand quilting to Citrus Rose #1, using 3 strands of embroidery thread in the colors of the quilt fabric. When I designed Citrus Rose #1 I was inspired by a piece of Middle Eastern fabric being used as a bed cover. It was a deep purple with shots of bright color woven all through it. 'That is brilliant', I thought, I have to make my own version. So  I used 'Broken Bars' blocks, putting them together in rows and sewing together the rows. That's my current 'Improv' adventure.
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It's fall already, fall colors, pumpkin pies, cooler weather to look forward to. It's a wonderful time of the year! Happy Fall to you!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Wonky Stars and Pacific Blues series progress...

Pacific Blues #2 fly and button stitch added..

Pacific Blues #1, needed a few more fly stitches in orange.

More wonky stars...

More stitches have been added to Pacific Blues art quilts 1 & 2. The inspiration behind them is the ever changing moods of the NW Pacific Ocean. I grew up in the Seattle area. My dad took us to the beach often in every season, sometimes it was rainy and sometimes sunny but always a big adventure. We would see starfish, crabs, mussels and kelp and lots of sand. Great memories.

I've sewn together more wonky stars, Liberated Quilts II by Gwen Marston, style. I enjoy making lots of different components looking forward to begin the arranging, design part. So far I think Kathy's block is my favorite. After a few more stars I will start on baskets and flying geese, wonky style of course.
Happy Friday! Remember to stop and enjoy something beautiful today!!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Tropical Art Quilt #3 done...Hand quilted and Embellished

Close-up, hand quilted, hand embroidered, running and cross stitch...

Tropical art quilt #3 in a series finished! It took awhile because of the hand quilting and hand embroidery. It measures approx. 26" x 23".
Hand quilting with three strands of embroidery thread can be challenging but with a will there is often a way.
Happy Monday!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Work Day, Wonky Style Blocks....

My work space set up for cutting..

Some of my stash and scraps...

I'm working through Gwen Marston's book, Liberated Quilting II, as you may already know. Gwen's ideas for liberated quilt making are a great way to intuitively piece blocks and design your quilt. If you run that way this book is a must have! 
Today I've got my work space set up for cutting squares and rectangles etc. I'm going to be making more Kathy's blocks and churn dash blocks. 
Here's a tip, use a lint roller to roll up lint, small scraps of fabric and thread off your work space and floor. Everything stays cleaner with just a little swish.
Have a great day and share a smile!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Running Stitch Quilting Blocks Pin Cushion Party Friday!

Hand quilting with running stitch.

Kathy's block x 3.

My two 'working horse' pincushions, I use these all the time.

I made the pincushion doll and the creamer pincushion.

I made this Log Cabin Pincushion from a left over block, I sewed on a buffalo nickel shank button.

I used a cute strawberry pattern and added embellishment.

Progress on 'Citrus Rose' quilt, I'm quilting it with running stitch in colorful embroidery thread, 3 strands. The more rows I stitch the more I like it.
I'm working through Liberated Quilts II by Gwen Marston. I'm on Kathy's block, by playing with color placement you can get some great effects. So far I've made three blocks.
Then there is a Pincushion Parade at My Sister Made Me Do It . I love pincushions and I do indulge in making them. You can't have too many and they are useful too! Stop on over to see some beautiful pincushions at Ida's.
Happy Friday!