Friday, September 22, 2017

Kaffe Facett Colour Lecture Photos, Slow Stitching Weekend

Museum of Flight , Seattle Washington, where the Kaffe Facett lecture was held.

Museum of Flight entrance.

Checking into lecture, beautiful evening light.

Quilts done in Kaffe Collective fabric and patterns were hung all over.

The lecture begins.

Almost done with my Violet ABC sampler, pattern from The French Needle.

Detail on the corner I've been working on last couple of days.

Happy Friday!! From Renton, WA.
Sunny with clouds today, perfect temperature; not too hot, not too cold.
And I'm remembering to be thankful.

September 16, 2017 was Kaffe Facett's  Colour Lecture at the Museum of Flight in Seattle, Washington. I went and my husband went also without much bribing. He didn't faint but said he was a little light headed, too much perfume or something like that. There were other men there, what's the big deal?

It was inspiring and his slides were beautiful. We saw gorgeous photos of Ireland. There were slides of photos taken in market places, town squares, nature scenes; Kaffe gets inspiration everywhere and is good at documenting it. We learned from him that his next book, coming out next year, will be inspired by Pennsylvania and the Amish influence. Won't that be a wonderful book?
I enjoyed myself, my husband put on a good show of it. ( I didn't take many photos, the lighting wasn't great and they didn't want flashes all over, which I understand.)

The last few days I've been working violets and leaves on my Violet ABC sampler. I can feel the finish coming on. It's been a few years getting this far, whew. Slow Stitching!

Have a Happy Friday and a good weekend.

I'll be by to visit.