Saturday, July 17, 2021

New Improv Scrap Quilt, 'Suppose?', Orange X Block Medallion Quilt Hand Quilting Progress, Finished Photo of Improv HSTs & Broken Dishes Quilt

My newest improv quilt, 'Suppose?' with two more improv 'starts' on top.

I'm calling this one, 'Suppose'. Starting with the center medallion going out, I used scraps and fat quarter stash.

'Suppose?' borders in progress.

What if HSTs border next, using these solids and more scraps?

Hand Quilting in progress, Orange X Block Medallion Quilt.

Hand quilting progress on scrappy Orange X Block Medallion Quilt.

Finished last summer, photo of 'HSTs & Broken Dishes', my design.

This light is fairly accurate, 44" x 44", Orange X Blocks Medallion Quilt.


Hello Quilt Friends from the valley!

Where summer weather and bbqs make life easy.

I found three improv pieces, pieced from leftover strips and blocks, one square, two rectangles. I had stashed them away and now decided to start on one and get borders pieced around it. 

I ended up calling this one 'Suppose?' mostly because that was what I was thinking as I began interviewing scraps and orphan blocks for borders. Also in looking through my leftover squares I noticed that I had cut the squares to include as much of the Cotton & Steel selvedge as I could to include the words printed on it.
 And so one of the small hourglass blocks ( toward the top right hand hourglass border) has most of the word SUPPOSE on.

Kind of knit picky but sometimes little details are fun.

Then I've been hand quilting my Orange X Block Medallion quilt, 44" x 44", slow but steady.

And I wanted to remember my HSTs & Broken Dishes quilt, 15" x 16", I finished last summer. It says 'summer' to me. I like to remember finding the two cotton shirts in the thrift store and then sorting through scraps to see what would look best with the blue and yellow plaid shirt fabric. Then I cut out squares using scissors and began arranging. Some of it is hand pieced because at the time I didn't have access to my sewing machine. I have great respect for hand piecing! 
Now it is finished and on my wall saying ' Summer.'

Also if you haven't already, be sure to find Sujata Shah's beautiful quilt, 'Postcards from Thailand' in AmericanPatchwork & Quilting magazine, Show & Tell.
And visit her blog,

That is the quilt news from the valley, where I'm remembering to be thankful.

I'll be by to visit.