Monday, June 29, 2015

Art Quilt, What is it? Continued.... do you use line?

Texture...what texture is in your work?

How have you used Shape?

 Art quilts; why and what makes an art quilt, well, arty?
I thought it would be fun to go over the 'big' elements of art. Yes, high school, college art 101 classes come to mind.
Here they are the big seven;
line, form, shape, space, texture, value and color. Art is made of these elements. Do artists use these element definitions as a sort of recipe? No, they're used as an inspiration, a way of filling out an idea. The unique idea within the artist is true art. The 'voice' of the artist.
Around my work space I keep various inspirations, some are words, some objects with an idea connected to them. Artist Rex Ray was showcased in my 2013 winter catalog.
He is quoted in the catalog as saying, "Just do what you do, and stay true to it." Those words might seem obvious but as an artist that can be the greatest challenge. It's the artists' own 'voice' that makes a unique statement, a statement that stands out from the crowd. So I keep those words where I can see them often.
                                                                                        More thoughts on art quilts to come..
                                                                                        Where do you find inspiration? your projects?