Friday, December 11, 2015

Liberated Log Cabin binding color choice...

Interviewing turquoise for binding..

Turquoise or black for binding?

Black it is!

The small version of 'Citrus Rose' art quilt, made with 'liberated' log cabin blocks, was hand quilted and ready for binding. I couldn't decide on color for the binding. Turquoise, orange or black? I narrowed it down to turquoise or black, then black won out. I like the effect of using several borders, using a light-dark-light or a dark-light-dark.  The binding is sewn on and pinned on the back waiting to be hand sewn down. That was my Friday quilting adventure.

If you love color and you enjoy sewing for your special little someone, Jennifer Paganelli's book, Girl's World, is a beautiful book full of inspiration for color and projects, don't miss out!

Have a great Friday!