Monday, July 13, 2020

Quilt News! Color for July Primary, Study in Green, Hand Piecing Project Progress

Color calendar color for July, Primary; red, yellow, blue!

A Study in Green, inspiration photo, taken in Maple Valley WA.

Study in Green, blocks began with hourglass challenge.

New Kona Roll-Up, Spring Meadow Palette.

This is the beginning of my hand piecing project, Primary Plaids.

More progress here.

And more....

This is how it stands as of today.

Back View of Primary Plaids.

                   Quilt News from alongside the American River, where temp.s are in high the 90's, it is July after all!

This week I finished more hand piecing on my quilt project, Primary Plaids, naming it for the July color on my Color Calendar. I want it to be longer than wide, haven't decided on when to stop.
It's fun to work on because I'm doing it 'old school', no rotary cutting, no sewing machine.

Then my Kona Cotton Roll Up in Spring Meadow Palette came in the mail. I'm going to use it to fill out my green blocks started with the AHIQ Hourglass challenge. Slowly but surely things will get done.
I'm in no hurry right now.

So Quilt Friends that is the quilt news from along side the river, where I'm remembering to be thankful and praying for healing for our nation. We don't deserve his mercy but he is a good God.

I'll be by to visit.