Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sketchbook ideas for design experiments...

Ideas for color, embellishments, stitched onto card stock...

These will be mounted into a ledger full of ideas.

 I have been working on design ideas with art paper and
embellishments sewn onto card stock. I will add ink, hand embroidery and and maybe water colors. Inspiration from Karen Ruane who makes such beautiful ledgers and sketchbooks full of her inspirations; wonderful, and ideas; many. My theme is winter, always such a beautiful mysterious time of the year for me. A time of rest, and pulling back, a time of dreaming about future beginnings..

Winter design ideas...

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Silk yo-yos, embellishing "Prairie" sewing kit

Silk yo-yos, turquoise, cream will be sewn on pocket here.

Silk yo-yo's will be add here.

 I'm layering the embellishments onto #3 in a series, "Prairie" crazy quilt style sewing kits. I've sold the first two, remembering of course to write down measurements and take photos so I can make more.
The pin cushion china creamer is one of my many experiments in embellishing, keeping the inspiration flowing not stagnating. Trying different approaches  helps you focus on what is important and then you can let go of the stuff that bogs you down.
Check out Sharon B's for interesting inspiration and projects.

Silk yo-yos with netting sewn down on bottom left corner.

I collect china creamers, this one I made into a pin cushion.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Crazy quilt "Prairie" #3, hand embroidery added...

Hand embroidery added, stem stitch, bullion, french knots, coral, etc.

Embroidery over linen, close up.

This section of embroidery took me a while. I like the effect of the pearl cotton thread. Next I'll get out the buttons, beads and laces and begin the interviewing, layering process.
 I have been following a mixed-media artist, Gabrielle Pollacco. She is a brilliant embellisher and sure knows her way around color. I get so inspired seeing her amazing work. Art is art regardless of the media.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

New Crazy quilt blocks, silks, taffetas...

I've added some strips of netting in the seams for the effect...

A closer veiw, the textures are so fun.

 I've started piecing the crazy quilt I will cut up to make new sewing kits. I have two blocks made that will be cut up rearranged and added to, making a piece about 20" x 28". I will cut that into three pieces about 18" x 8" ea. for three new pieces to make sewing kits with. I bought most of the fabric from Cathy's Crazy by Design shop . She has a good selection
of laces and fabrics.

This block will be cut up and rearranged for the crazy look.

Closer view...

Friday, September 12, 2014

Embellished sewing kit, hand embroidery, yo-yos and pom-poms!

Cheerful patchwork and color!

Pin cushion embellished over the top, 4" x 3".

 I made a patchwork, crazy type quilt to cut up for smaller projects. I made a roomy sewing kit and a pin cushion with fun embellishments. The 1930's reproduction fabrics are full of personality to brighten the day. This will be for sale in my etsy shop, .

View of the back.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Art quilt and crazy quilt embellished....

I took out some embroidery and sewed down this turquoise velvet ribbon instead.

Braided Trim and tape measure trim on the pocket.

 I had a bit of time to sew trims on my crazy quilt, "Prairie" #3 sewing kit, the layering process has begun.
I also added hand embroidery to my art quilt, "Tropical
Punch", you can see that below.
Stop by Pintangle for inspiration and to see progress other artists have made on their projects.

More trim added here on left of needle keep.
I'm embellishing my art quilt "Tropical Punch" with embroidery here.

Turquoise and orange embroidery, cross stitch, french knots.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Modern Embroidery project,' Winter'

This is a project I did for Alchemy 2013, my theme, seasons, this one is winter.

Close up, silk yo-yos, beads, netting, silver trim, hand embroidery.

 I took Karen Ruane's Alchemy 2013 online class and this was one of the projects. Her classes are always so worthwhile and full of encouragement plus lots of support. I'm not being paid to say this, it's just true that's all.
I was doing a little review looking for ideas and I came across this and said "Aha!"
I remember doing the roleaux for the first time, kind of like giving birth to your first child, "Is this really going to work?"
It does work and turns out lovely.

Closer still, silk roleaux on the right.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Crazy quilt "Prairie" #3 progress...

I sewed the crushed velvet ties on.

I added some hand embroidery.

 I had bits of time to start the embellishing of "Prairie" #3 sewing kit. It's challenging working within a theme. Think I'll do that again, will soon be putting together another crazy quilt piece to cut up for coming projects.
Visit Sharon B's WIP to see other work in progress and get inspired.

I sewed the felted wool needle keeps down.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Crazy quilt, Modern embroidery, "Prairie"

"Prairie" sampler with hand embroidery and embellishment, 2013

Close-up, laces, prairie points, hand embroidery.

 This is a sampler from the online class I took in 2013, Alchemy, by Karen Ruane . Such an excellent course, I learned so much and got a lot of inspiration and encouragement to venture forth in the spirit of modern embroidery.
I made a crazy quilt piece and cut it up for different projects. This sampler is from the same piece I used for my 3 sewing kits in the "Prairie" series. I have finished 2 "Prairie" sewing kits and I am now starting on the 3rd. The retro vintage buttons are from, Benno's Buttons & Trims , they have some beautiful treasures.

Feather stitch on linen, trims and laces with french knots.