Monday, April 20, 2020

Hand Quilting Bright Modern Sampler, American River Walk, My Spring Handbag.

My Bright Modern Sampler hand quilting in progress.

Bridge across the American River, Folsom, CA.

Wild flowers along the river walk.

And more wildflowers along the river walk.

My Vera Bradley handbag, echoing spring colors!

Hello from Northern California!
Where we are enjoying spring walks along the American River.

Yes, we made the move from compacted Los Angeles, Southern CA, back to the north where life is a little more relaxed and less complicated. People here are of course practicing social distancing and many are wearing masks but there are less people here and they tend to live slower lives.

We are in temporary housing and won't be able to unpack for a bit so it's vacation time. Also I'm using a new tablet so getting used to it is a challenge. This is the first time posting on it so we'll see how it goes!

I brought my current hand quilting project along. No sewing machine for a while.

And that quilt friends is the Monday news where life is good. I hope you're all busy and well.

I'll be by to visit!