Wednesday, March 23, 2016

"Liberated' Log Cabin Four Patch, Gwen Marston's 'Liberated Quilt Making II'

My 'Liberated' log cabin four patch ready for hand quilting.

Butterick 8P282 makes a cute doll coat.

Gwen Marston's 'Liberated Quiltmaking II', always a great reference.

Happy almost Easter!
And it's spring!

I'm getting ready for a road trip north, family business. I'll take 'Liberated Quilt Making II'
for reading during down times. Gwen has a great eye for color and design, and true insight into the heart of what making a quilt is all about. All that without being pretentious.

I finished the doll coat, Butterick pattern 8P282. I first learned to sew with garment construction and I still like the challenge. I watch You Tube tutorials on garment construction for fun, not everybody does that.

My 'liberated' log cabin four patch is ready for hand quilting. I'm practicing stitches getting my hand limbered up, that does make a difference.

That's my 'What's up Wednesday' report.
Have a great day!

I'm linking up with Kaja @ Sew Slowly AHIQ,
check out the amazing improv quilts.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Get your Irish on! and 'Jam Art' by Maple Island Quilts, Nancy Zieman w Victoria Findlay Wolfe

Laying out components of art quilt.

Close-up of my version of 'Jam Art'.

'Jam Art', art quilt pattern by Debbie Bowles, Maple Island Quilts, Inc.

My version of 'Jam Art', approx. 40" x 36", ready for basting.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Get your Irish on!

I saw Debbie Bowles of Maple Island Quilts, Inc. on the Nancy Zieman show on You Tube. 
She was talking about her 'big block' quilt designs, so cool!
I found her art quilt pattern, 'Jam Art' on her .com and had to give it a try, and this is what I came up with. That's my Wednesday progress report.

Nancy Zieman also has a great series with Victoria Findlay Wolfe 
on You Tube here.  
Victoria has an interesting story on her design process and fabulous quilts.

Have a great day, stop to enjoy something beautiful, it makes you more beautiful.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

'Piece O' Cake' Tops Finished! San Jose Quilt Museum...

Piece of Cake blocks with borders first version.

First version close-up.

Second version close-up.

Piece O' Cake blocks with borders second version.

Lots of rain here. There was some sun earlier when I took these pictures, now it's clouded over again.
That time of the year!
I finished sewing on borders to finish these two tops made with 'Piece O' Cake' blocks in the center.
The tops are approx. 54" x 44". Since reading the book, Amish Crib Quilts from the MidWest by Janneken Smucker, I've been inspired to use borders. Borders give 'eye' interest I think. 
And yes, I used vibrant colors to say the least, the center blocks were pieced in summer and these two quilt tops are for two very 'bright' little girls.

The San Jose Quilt Museum has an exhibition coming up that I can't miss. 'Blanket Statements', new quilts by Kaffe Fassett, inspired by historical quilts. The dates are March 12 - April 28, 2016.
Always a good reason to visit "funkytown", see some family and new Kaffe quilts too. Talk about using bright colors!

Share some inspiration and a smile!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Butterfly Colors for March! 'Slow Stitch' good read...

March butterfly on my 2016 calendar, color inspiration.

'Slow Stitch' by Claire Wellesley-Smith, I'm still reading & soaking it in.

March is here and we're due for rain, that's a good thing.
My calendar's March butterfly is full of color ideas, the butterfly itself and the background too.
I'm linking up with Ann at Fret Not Yourself blog.
with her Kaleidoscope of Butterflies, celebrating butterflies!
The book 'Slow Stitch' is full of beautiful work. There are examples of stitch and patchwork with organic dyes, vintage textiles and threads. A quote from Claire's book, 'Faster is not necessarily better.' I'm liking that quote so much!
Have you ever thought of what or who is behind our culture's huge fixation on 'faster, faster!'
A lot of the pressure is from the sales forces of the huge mega corporations of course, wanting us to buy more, more. Spend more, more and then what? That'll make us happy? Sometimes it's good to relax and think about, 'Why am I doing this, why am I living like this?'
Spending a thoughtful morning here. 
Life is good.